Placeholder tags for the current file/folder name

A placeholder tag for the current file/folder would make reviewing time much easier when it comes to long documents. Those names or titles can already be exported at the beginning of each file, but having them in headers/footers, next to the page numbers, could be great. Could it not? :slight_smile:

E.g., in case this lacks clarity:

Project X:

  • Titlepage (1)
  • FileA (2-5)
  • FileB (6-23)
  • FileC (23-42)

Page one’s footer could be “Project X – Titlepage – 1”
Pages two to five’s footers could be “Project X – FileA – 2…”
And so on.

Thanks for reading this!

There are plans to add a limited version of this. It’s not really possible, given the architecture of Scrivener, to put simply everything you can think of into the header. Only one very specific condition can safely be inserted: when a page break occurs—then we can insert a section break, which is what a word processor uses to alternate heading templates, and provide to that section the current item title that generated the page break as a visible heading. In practice that means you can print chapter, part, or any other full breaks like that into the header.

Got it! That’d be great :wink: thanks for the explanation.