Placeholders Sometimes Not Replaced??

Sometimes the date/time placeholders aren’t replaced, as seen in the comparison of the documents below. Why is that?

Note that the Abbreviated title is set to: RC05 <$Date:YYYY/MM/dd> <$Time>

and the header is set to: <$projecttitle> / <$ABBR_PROJECTTITLE> / <$p>

I have a similar problem. When using MacOS Scrivener 3, I Inserting the placeholder: “Compiled <$mediumModifiedDate>” does not result in a date, but only that statement.

TromboneAl - The problem is that you are trying to get a replacement inside a replacement. <$abbr_projectTitle> is already a replacement, so that will be replaced but the <$date> inside it will not because that would require recursive replacements which could cause problems. More importantly, you are using <$abbr_projectTitle> in a way it is not intended to be used - as the placeholder name suggests, this is intended for an abbreviated form of the project title, not for something entirely different. Instead, to get the results you require, you should enter the header like this:

<$projecttitle> / RC05 <$Date:YYYY/MM/dd> <$Time> / <$p>

Moppo - I’m not sure what is going on in your case - <$mediumModifiedDate> works fine for me. Could you perhaps provide a sample project showing the issue?

A funny thing is that this has worked in the past.

The off-label use of some of these placeholders is invaluable.