Placing aphorisms in novels with parts

I’m writing a novel composed of Book One, Book Two etc. I want to place an aphorism on its own page, possibly under the title Book One etc., or at least on the following page before Chapter 1 of each book. Yet I don’t want these aphorisms to appear in the ToC. How can I do this, please?

You might start by writing ‘on’ the Part folders. Click on a folder then click on the Scrivenings mode button in the toolbar once or twice, until you get just one document displayed in the editor. If you have the inspector open, it should show the name of the Part folder in the synopsis field. Folders can also be written ‘on’ the way that documents can–they’re just treated differently in the user interface and during the compile process.

In the compile window, you can then check the “text” check-box for parts folders, and that text will be included after the “title” for the part. Hopefully that gets you close to what you’re after.

rdale–Thank you. I’ll try this out.