I came across a woman complaining that the content, in particular a poem had been copied uncredited to another blog. … rom=nethed

This is the blog concerned: … l#comments

Please look around and be amazed at the affrontery.

Reading further I discovered a service that will help.

I hope this is of use to someone here. In particular I enjoyed the comments. The plagiarist has made no apology or justification.

Not enough Vic K’s or Fluff’s were injured during the making of this epic public service announcement.

I’ve used Google Alerts, myself. I remember once that it caught an article wrote for-hire and didn’t have the rights to, so I alerted the editor, and she told me it was an authorized resell by them but thanked me for actually bothering to notice and say anything. (I was paid VERY well for that article, so I didn’t mind. :mrgreen: )

Google Alerts is great. What I found hilarious and amazing is the number of blogs that pop up with apparent reviews of all the best writing software available, and then they have just copied and pasted the text from our links page and changed the first paragraph to say something like, “I am now going to review the writing software available.” (That is, along with the fact that our links page ranks high on Google, was the main reason I ended up adding Scrivener to our own links page - I kept getting all my descriptions of the other programs copied and so Scrivener never used to end up in those plagiarised posts!)

But in my case, I’m happy for the theft because it’s all exposure. The theft in the links above is pretty despicable.

The copy/paste wasteland of plagiarists without their own opinion is the reality of web 2.0.

Could’ve named it Wrap instead (Web crap) :unamused:

Yre pushin it pal…y`re pushin it!! And, the mousehound is a vindictive little bitch, so I watch my back if I was you

I may need to update my sig. The real question is how many would need to be harmed to qualify as “enough”?

Please see above Mr Jaysen. :imp:

Can a headless horseman see once he has misplaced his head?

Confucius, he say: Smartarse ye not, the vindictive mousehound, lest ye be burdened under doubt, fear and regret.
Fluff :imp:

It boils down to this.

Some people innovate.

Most people duplicate.

@tedrage RT The copy/paste wasteland of plagiarists without their own opinion is the reality of web 2.0. #web2

The wasteland of plagiarists without their own opinion is the reality of the web.

Something like 99% of the content has been plagiarised. Right from the start it was a plagiarised blog.
Also the readers of such womens whingeblogs would read the originals.
Why did she continue. Why bother. Why not create a fantasy life and go on from there making it up.

She cannot convert the blog into fame and fortune as its pirated and the content veers from kids to sex and why men are rubbish but she still wants one.

I would like to know why.
But there again I should get out more.


If I could filter out all the duplicated information on the internet I could probably download the whole internet onto a floppy.

If I filter out information I could probably download the whole floppy.

If I down- and outload, I could flip-flop the whole improbability filter.


Is there another web? :open_mouth:


Haha nice one.

And if you buy the county fair hype it was as world wide as v2.0. Not to mention that it was very much a lifesaver for one particular side of bacon. It had viral marketing, it trapped bugs with no additional debugging systems, was free of viral infections, had not spam marketing, and was “child safe” (although ladies were a little spooked by it).

All in all the 2.0 version doesn’t seem like a real improvement to me.