plain text formetting?

I’m a relatively new user and have been using scrivener to couple a thesis journal. I somtimes copy material from different sources and cannot seem to be able to remove formatting including hyperlinks.

Any tips?

I’m using v.

Edit > Paste and Match Style.

So, that doesn’t seem to work. What style does it match? How can I change the style original style for a new note?

It matches the styling of the environment where you are making the paste — where your insertion point is in particular. To test, create a new doc, put your insertion point into that text doc, then use the command. In what way did it not work?


P.S. You can alter the attributes of the default “no style” paragraph here: Scrivener > Preferences > Editing > Formatting button. Set up your new “no-style” in the sample text area with the ruler. This sets the “no-style” for new documents.

I don’t think Paste and match Style will strip out links, and by default, I think Scrivener detects links http:// links and creates clickable versions of that text (but check me… try entering in a document to test if I’m correct). During compile, you can remove links in one of the right-side panes, so the links should be an issue for your output, while providing a convenient way to verify that the link works inside of Scrivener.

As for re-formatting existing documents to make them conform to your settings, SilverDragon gave a very nice visual summary of how to accomplish that sort of thing after the fact:

It will strip out rich text hyperlinks, which are a form of formatting. What it won’t do is prohibit the Automatically detect web addresses setting, in the Corrections preference pane, from triggering on any bare URLs in the text. In my experience it doesn’t trigger on pasted text, unless you edit directly around the URL, but these are not rich text hyperlinks in the formal sense. They are on-the-fly formatting that is applied if the text matches a certain pattern.