Hey, I was just looking at the scrivener software and importing research into the research panel, and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a playlist option so you could plug your writing “soundtrack” specific to each project right into scrivener and just have one program open instead of having to click back and forth between itunes? Okay maybe I’m lazy but thought it would be a nice option to round out the software. :astonished:

This was the very -=first=- thing I asked the person who introduced me to this software.

I would LOVE to have the ability to link tracks to chapters, please.


Thanks for the suggestion - remind us in a couple of months and we’ll have a better look at what’s on the wish list once all the bugs are out of the way. Cheers

What about this wish? I realize that this is like the only feature I’m really missing in Scrivener - be able to create a playlist in my project, or link chapters or character templates to tracks. If that could be done …

Easy way: drop an m3u file into the References list and then double-click the icon to fire it up. :slight_smile:

Wow, it works! Thanks for the hint - now, Scrivener is clearly perfect for me. :smiley: I’m off to get my playlist started!

You really should have an “AmberV’s extended tips for Scrivener: 1001 weird things you didn’t think it could do” post. :slight_smile:

Not another appendix to write! :mrgreen:

Maybe we can make David scour the boards for the tips and then post them to Facebook and Twitter…Because I’m sure he doesn’t have enough to do. :wink:

Uhm, it didn’t work for me. Am I doing something wrong. I saved my writing playlist from the Win Media Player default (.wpl) to an m3u playlist file and then dragged and dropped it into my research folder. Then when I double click it, nothing happens.

Oh, and yes, I did try double clicking on the icon as well in Scrivener and opening it in an outside editor. Some of the songs are .wma and some are .mp3.

Not in the Binder, in a reference pane, so it can be attached to a scene or chapter. That is where the icon click trick works. But if you want, from the Binder you’d have to use Documents/Open/in External Editor (Ctrl-F5).

What works, too, is to put single .mp3-files into the binder, and play them from there. At least, this worked for me.

Brilliant! :smiley: You can put what you want in the reference pane (and for either a document or project): internet radio station, mp3, whatever - even a movie file should you get bored with writing. :wink: