Please add URL to clipping

The URL is a critical piece of research info with technical docs. I realize you designed this program for creative writers, but your program makes writing tech doc drafts feel like one is writing happily on a deserted island before lugging the masterpiece back to landlocked urbania.

I know I can go back in and copy/paste the URL, but its an extra action.

Pretty please? And via the Services menu?


If you import a whole web page, the URL is available in the footer view when you open it in Scrivener.

But for clippings from the services menu, this is not possible. Scrivener has no idea what sort of app you are clipping from - if it’s text, it can be clipped. It doesn’t have to be the internet.



Even though in your tutorial, you write: “You can also import web archives directly from the internet by selecting Import > Web Page… From the File menu,” that choice always remains greyed out for me in my version of Scrivener. (And yes, I’m a full paying customer. Not working from a demo.)

I’ve never been able to accomplish it. Is there a trick I’ve overlooked?


Sounds like you have something in the Draft selected. As covered in the Tutorial and Help file, you can’t import media files (web pages included) into the Draft folder - the Draft folder is text-only (because that is what is used to export the manuscript). Try clicking somewhere else - for instance, selecting the Research folder - and then try importing a web page (note that you can also drag from the URL text field of Camino - and Safari with the latest Scrivener beta - into the binder; though again, not into the Draft folder).



Bended-knee apology.

Devonthink and Circus Ponies seem to have addressed this via the Dock, so that clips from the web or Mail made via their Dock icons contain clickable links to either the web page or the original mail message.

If something similar could be implemented in Scriv., with the links appearing the Inspector URL list, it would be the cream on top of this journalist’s home-baked Scrivener pie. Add this, and a better Leopard Spotlight, and I think I could retire DT as the middleman in article development.