Please allow us to purchase a license for the Windows Scrivener beta

I use Scrivener once or twice a week, and sometimes I miss the auto-update window by a day or two and it makes me go to the website to download the newest version. I own a Scrivener 1 license for Windows and Mac, and I am definitely going to buy a Scrivener 2 license for Windows when it becomes available.

Please allow me to purchase a license already so that I no longer have to go to the website and manually download the update file. I know what I’d be buying. It would be an informed purchase. I still want it, as do most of us who have already transitioned from Scrivener 1 to the beta, I think.

In fact, I fail to see any down sides for either those of us who want S2 or you, the company that makes the software, by opening up the purchase of licenses.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I’ve seen the answer be “no” for quite a long time now… however, I have another solution: Make the in-program updater work even on expired betas, so that people who miss the expiration date can update more easily… and test the updater while they’re at it.

As there is no place to input a key and if done would keep the beta from expiring then I’m sure the answer will be ‘No’.

As for allowing the beta to open so the user can update that might cause a few issue problems. One being that people ‘Won’t’ do the update even if forced. I’m sure there are those amongst us who try to circumvent what they feel is their desire to keep a then outdated program from correcting known problems as with not willing to discover new problems.

Lets be honest. At least for me. There are those out there who want a free ride by using the beta until it becomes active and then I’m sure they’ll complain about the cost. It costs nothing even if it does expire. Some see it as a nuisance but fail to follow the logic. L&L wants the old one closed so as to keep any old bugs from being constantly reported if they had been fixed. The program itself is mostly functional, in a lot of areas, and allows the creator to be able to print or create their manuscript at no such cost as others will keep that feature blocked for obvious reasons.

Yes there are certain feature problems but that hasn’t stopped many from using them while others go through the task of trying to find different bugs for this is after all a beta version and as has been stated (and ignored but complained heavily upon) not fully ready for prime time use with critical projects. Many that do have stated that they know the inherent risk, as do I. But we do it for we trust the developers.

Yes we all have to put up with the updates (such as beta 42 now being available) but that is the decision that was made by the developers and after 42, now, updates I don’t see it changing at all. Nor do I care. It’s their rules and as such I am obligated as with others to respect that decision.

Since using Scrivener with beta 25 or 26 I believe I’ve been testing the built in update feature. I really have had no problems with it unlike the beginning. But that’s what we are asked to be doing while having the privilege to use an almost fully functional program.

And yes I had 1.9 trial on my desktop for over a year, rarely used, before deciding to purchase it and then go to the beta itself.

So the choice is yours. Continue to abide by their rules or…

Patience, guys. We do not plan many more updates. Because of this we will spend the time on bug fixes and not introducing new update or license functionality. We increased the expiry time of the betas, and leave around two weeks for everyone to update to the latest beta. This should do the job until the final release.

Just realized from @rdale’s comment, though, likely why the wave of irritation from not-yet-updaters.

It may well be too much work at this stage, however, to go back and implement a go-to-updater rather than simple refuse-out-of-date mechanism.

So that’s understood as well… But maybe in the future, when things settle, and there’s a fresh ongoing opportunity.

I have no connection with L&L and no expertise in programming, but I’m guessing that implementing your suggestion would mean they would have to create and release new versions of all the expired betas. Even if they were willing (and I fully understand their reasons for not wanting out-of-date betas to be in the wild), that hardly seems like a good use of anybody’s time.

I appreciate that downloading the latest beta is a minor nuisance, but I think it’s a price worth paying to get the program fixed and finished (which, judging by the speed at which new betas are being released, won’t be long).

Not all expired betas would need this feature. Not any actually. As with any “bug”, it would be “fixed” in the next beta release.

Come the official release, I would think the auto-updater is a part of the software that they want to work flawlessly, right? So why not guarantee that the maximum number of beta users “test” it, so that bugs can be shaken loose during the beta, rather than find them after release?

How would a user refusing to update allow them to continue using the software? I didn’t mention anything about disabling the beta/trial functionality of the software that displays the expiration message and then quits. There would just be one extra thing that it can do when it’s expired: load an updated version of the software.

That’s a reasonable approach, and at this point, I didn’t think anything would come of my suggestion. But in general, let’s say (hypothetically) if there’s a beta period for Scapple version 2.0 for Windows (and Mac), maybe look at allowing updates to expired betas.

We thought about allowing updates from expired betas. Unfortunately it was not easy to adjust the source code to handle it at this stage.

This was very well written and respectful… THANKS!!
But the expiration dates are part of the technical process of advancing the software. Its not about limiting the license like a trial limit. They need to make sure that all the beta testers are one simular code base.

I suggest you favorite the link to the upgrade page and install it. I have one machine I use all the time and one I don’t and I have to do this on the dekstop regularly. Just click the favorite, download and install still finds the existing version and upgrades over it. Just 1-2 clicks more to do it.

Or you can just put a reminder on your calendar for the day that the beta expires. Launch (or finally close and re-launch) Scrivener on that day, and you should be prompted to update automatically.

YES! Yes yes yes yes yes!

Best news I’ve read today. :smiley:

Don’t get super excited just yet. Late last year they anticipated it would be ready within weeks.

Expect the unexpected.

It is within weeks - just more weeks than we expected :laughing:

On this subject, received an email from another company inviting to pay to join their beta program.

$97 for the privilege of contributing to a beta, and I assume there will still be periodic expiries which the OP wanted to avoid.

:laughing: I like your positive attitude!

Me, I don’t mind how long it takes, cos we’re getting it free in the meantime. :slight_smile: