Please help. "Error Saving Project!"

This happens from time to time. I get a message saying “Error Saving Project: There was a problem saving the project.”

When I quit Scrivener, none of my work has been saved.

I am using 1.12 beta (SK).

I have two users set up on my computer. My main user is ‘John’ and the user I go under to write is ‘Writer’. The Scrivener document is located in a subfolder in ‘John’s’ Documents folder. ‘Writer’ has been given access to that subfolder to read and write to the files. I only mention that in case the two users owning the one file has something to do with it.

The error occurs seemingly randomly under both users.

This is almost certainly a permissions issue on your computer. That error is spewed when the OS X file system refuses to save something during the save process. It doesn’t provide Scrivener with any more information about why it might not save, though, unfortunately. It may have something to do with Scrivener’s package file format. A .scriv file is really a package - a folder with an extension. It may be that the content files haven’t been assigned the correct permissions. It might be worth checking this via Get Info.

(Apologies if this reply isn’t so helpful so far but it is nearly midnight here on a Friday night. Hopefully some users might have some idea about permissions issues.)