Please help newbie

I ordered and downloaded Scrivener on Friday 2/22/13. I looked at it on Saturday 2/23 a.m. I shut the computer down and when I went to turn it back on a few hours later, the “starting Windows” screen was on for about a minute, then I got a little box that told me I had to restore. I clicked on restore and the computer went back to the way it was on Thursday 2/21. Scrivener was gone. Today, the CD that I ordered came, but it is only for a 30-day free trial. It will not connect to the internet. Is there some way I can get Scrivener back again without paying for it again? PLEASE if anyone can help me, please e-mail me at as soon as possible.


P.S. I am technologically challenged. I’ve tried going to my downloads folder and looking in recovery manager, both to no avail. I’ve sent two e-mails from the above e-mail addy to support and to contact.

Hey there,

You will be able to re-register the “30 day trial” version you have using the same code you used previously. It’ll be on the email ‘receipt’ you received from Lit’n’Lat.

If you no longer have the email and need to find your serial number, visit the following webpage and follow the instructions under the heading “Retrieving Your Serial Number”:


Please check the spam filter on your email service, in case your reply from tech support has ended up there. I replied to your initial email yesterday (about 32 hours ago). In that email, I recommended that you download Scrivener again from and reinstall the software, then register it with your existing licence details.

If you need further help after doing that, or if you need your licence details, please reply to the email that I sent you, or send another message to us in tech support, and we will do our best to help.

All the best,

Thank you all sooooooo very very much. It’s back on my desktop where it belongs. {{{{{{hugs}}}}} :laughing: