Please help! Opened wrong draft


I’ve just purchased Scrivener and not got off to the best of starts!

I clicked to open my project and a dialogue screen said, “Scrivener seems to be open elsewhere” i stupidly clicked continue rather than create a copy and now I’ve lost all the work on my project from yesterday. Is there any way to retrieve the original? Ive looked in backup but cant seem to see it there?


If you get that message it means that you have your project in a cloud service and have it open on another computer, computer B.
Close the project, turn off your current computer (A), go to the other computer (B), turn it on, turn off WiFi (!), then start Scrivener and open the project. Save it with a new name (save as…) and close the project. Now you can turn on WiFi and let your computer B sync with your cloud service. Go back to computer A, let it sync from the cloud, and then open the renamed project.

Oh thank goodness, thank you so much!!!