i am still new using scrivener and know some of basics from what i seen maybe i am wrong in this that see no way breaking down my story sure there scene by and chapters but i am more thinking about events so i can break those into chapters and scenes is there a sway to do that ? i am not a plotter by nature i tend write and make things up on the go but this how need to work things out thanks for any advice

Sure, you can do pretty much whatever you want when using the outliner in Scrivener. You might be referring to how our templates suggest you can work—but this is just a suggestion. You are not forced to work with folders as chapters and files as scenes.

What I would say is, just work in a way that feels natural to you. If that means each scene has several more cards “beneath” it, then go for it. :slight_smile:

This is non-fiction of course (the Scrivener user manual), but the principle applies. You can see I don’t stop making indented levels until I’ve hit the smallest “single topic” chunk of text, and I use a mixture of both folders and files to organise things into groups:

For an approach used for novels, using the concept of beats (or events), Johnny B. Truant has posted a short video on how he and Sean Platt use Scrivener to write this way.