Plugins support

Are there plans for plugins support inside Scrivener?

It would be cool to have Grammarly, for instance, integrated with Scrivener.

I am interested in writing plugins for Scrivener. I hope there will be an API exposed in version 3.

If this ability already exists would somebody please direct me to developer resources?

I would also like to see support for plugins such as grammar and spelling checkers added to Scrivener.

I use ProWritingAid, which has a decent enough stand-alone app for MacOS that supports Scrivener projects ( If it were possible to do proofing without leaving Scrivener using a plugin (as is possible at the moment with ProWritingAid and MS Word for Windows), this would be a great enhancement to my workflow.

I second the plugin idea. It would be great to integrate a lot of the open source tools already available like, style, languagetool, flyspell, regular expression replacements, write-or-die, etc.

Yes please add an API possibility.

It would be so a relief to use Zotero with a plugin inside of Scrivener. I could finally move away from word to Scrivener for my academic writing!
Secondly, a Grammarly plugin as well would be very, very useful!

Please add the possibility for developers so that we can get Scrivener full-fledged for academics too.

15 seconds of forum search with the phrase “plugin API” brought me to here: