Podcast script / template

Hi Everyone,
Total newbie to Scrivener. I think it;'ll be a great tool for writing / orgasnizing podcast. Would anyone kindly have a template I could share with them please? Many thanks in advance

Making a template customized for someone else is a bit hard, because you’re the only one who knows exactly how you want it. I would suggest making it yourself; when I first got Scrivener, I used someone else’s templates, but I hated them because I wanted to do it a different way. I’ll see if I can make one and send it your way, and if you want to change anything, just edit it and go to File, Save as Template.

Dear 709,
Thank you for your kind advice and generosity. I will edit of course to my liking, but this is just to get a formal process in my head. It will be improved as I gain knowledge and experience. I look forward to your reply

Alright. :slight_smile: Just like in the preloaded themes on Scrivener, I have an About this template page in it, in which I describe all the different folders and Template Sheets and how I envision them to be used, so I won’t go into too much detail about it here.
Thank you for your request, as I enjoy messing around on Scrivener more than I care to admit. (lest my friends be worried for my health.)

Podcast Template.scrivtemplate (142.2 KB)

Thank you VERY much 709. Looks brilliant. Much appreciated :slight_smile: