Poetry Book - Sections not starting on a new page when compiling

So I am trying to use Scrivener 3.1 on a PC to create my poetry book.
Each poem is a new chapter and placed in a new section.

When I compile despite setting each section to have a page break the poems are not starting on a new page. Can someone help me out please?

In your compile format, where you’ve set the page break (separator tab), make sure you’ve also set it so for “between sections”.

The page breaks are still not happening. I am using the novel format and compiling in an adapted 6" x 9" format

In the inspector – metadata panel, whiles one of your poems/documents is selected in the binder, look for what section type it is assigned to.

Now in your compile format, in the layout panel, look for the layout in the list at the top that reports (just below the list, a little to the left) being assigned to the section type above mentioned.

Go to the separators panel, in the half of the list at the bottom, select that layout and set it to use page breaks. (If it says “use default separators” at the top, it should already work. So I assume your layout ain’t set so.)