Poetry, page breaks and page numbering…

Firstly, I’m a new user and have to say how great Scrivener is. Aside from a few areas it works perfectly, even for the poetry collection I’m putting together!

The only area I’d like improving is the way page numbering is dealt with; for fiction and non-fiction the current set-up works perfectly. However with poetry, as I’m splitting each poem with page breaks, the page numbering is harder to control—specifically when it comes to blank pages and sub-title pages (which I’d prefer were number-less).

Perhaps a means to exclude page numbers from any ‘content’ including <$BLANK_PAGE>, or that is set up as a folder (Level 1+) in formatting, would be possible?


Hi Peter,

I’m assuming the “No header and footer on single pages” is no good in this situation, because the poems may only be on a single page, too? I also take it that the blank pages should still be counted, just not numbered? To be honest, this is a tricker technical problem than it might seem because of the way layout works, but I will look to see if it is possible.

All the best,


Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, unfortunately as some poems take up only one page it shows no page number when using the “single pages” option. And yes, I’d like blank pages to be counted in the numbering sequence.

No worries, I understand how complicated these things can be, I’m just grateful that you’re looking in to it.



I hate being ‘that’ guy, but I was wondering if you’d determined if this style of page numbering is possible? The main reason I ask is that aesthetically it would improve the professional-look when producing manuscripts for print.