Polling for New Features?

I saw in the list that compares windows and mac features that it’s not clear when new features for windows will be rolled out or in what order. Any way you could do a poll in the forums here to see which feature most people want? (or do you already know?). Personally, I"m throwing all my weight behind the free form cork board, which I’ve been waiting for since I got Scrivener three or four years back.

Thank you.


We don’t implement features based on polls, sorry, as it’s not a really feasible way of planning, especially when it comes to adding features to the Windows version, where it may need other features in place first for the various elements of integration to work. Instead, where the Windows version is behind, the team focuses on bigger features, but several of them - including the freeform corkboard - are part of a planned paid update tentatively scheduled for sometime (not early) next year (with many more new features that will bring the Windows version into alignment with the next major update of the Mac version).

Thanks and all the best,

I am really looking forward to the free form corkboard