Poor Quality Graphics In Cork Board View

Hello All

I’m having a problem with the quality of imported graphics as “polaroids” in the cork board view. The parent graphics in the Research section are crystal clear, but appear significantly jaggy on the cork board.

All graphics are JPEGS and in all instances are larger than their cork board iterations (which suggests that, if anything, they’d look better in smaller form).

Does anyone have any ideas? I flew through four pages of forum search results and saw nothing about this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm. The only time I have ever observed anything like this is when the image is quite small, and getting blown up to the size of the “polaroid.” Could you perhaps attach a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your reply. I tossed aside all assumptions about the seemingly okay nature of the parent images. Opening each in Preview, I saved them as selections using Grab. Using these copies present no problem–all is once again peaceable in my Research Kingdom.

Interestingly, the two graphics (ironically the first I imported) are not from the same source: One came from a Wikipedia article and the other came from a Google Image search. Prior to reprocessing them with Grab, I deleted them In Scrivener and then reimported to eliminate the possiblilty of somehow botching it the first time around–but the jaggy phenomenon was still there.

I’m chalking it up to deep code-level graphics ju-ju. Had it been only one, I’d have seen it for the anomaly it was, but two looked like a pattern.

I’ll post here again if the problem crops again. The only other commonality I can think of was the fact both were taken from the Web in succession–temporary craziness with Safari at that point? Who knows? All I know I’m back in business and couldn’t be happier with Scrivener it fits a void in my writing workflow: Currently I’m conceptualizing and rough-in with VoodooPad Pro, researching with DevonAgent and DevonThinkPro, outlining and winnowing down research with NoteShare, drafting with Scrivener and then polishing with Nisus Express (and soon Nisus Writer Pro).

Thanks again for the response.


Something that might be a bit easier is to simply drag the image from Safari straight into the Binder, bypassing the whole bit with Grab. I couldn’t quite tell if that is a process that you are already familiar with, based on your description.

That’s how I usually save graphics–including the two problematic “polaroids” in Scrivener.

I purposely used Grab to see if basically reprocessing the graphics (the default in Grab is TIFF) might eliminate the jaggies–which, somehow, it did.