Pop-up about backing up when quitting the program

Hi, I am getting a pop-up warning when quitting the program. I’m not sure where the appropriate place to backup is.

I can’t add a photo yet.


If you go to File / Options / Backup

IN BLUE is where you set and access your backup location.
→ Do not pick a project folder. The backups need to be in a separate folder/location of their own.
(Something like C:/Backups would do fine. As long as it is not inside a project. And I strongly recommend that you set Scrivener to zip your backups. Timestamped, even better. — All the settings relative to backups are in this panel. The only exception being that you can set a specific location per project, but that’s elsewhere, and I don’t think that’s info you need at this point.)

IN GREEN is why you get that popup when leaving the app.

P.S. That’s a Windows screenshot, I only noticed that you run a mac too late (my bad), but it should be pretty much the same.

Thank you, that worked!

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