Popup/hover text on internal links (Win)

Currently there is no way to distinguish between proper/www links and Scrivener internal document links.

It would be nice to :

  1. Have a hover text, when the cursor is over the link. Something like “Scrivener: XXX” would suffice.
  2. (optional) to think, maybe the link itself should look somehow different (font, colour, whatever) from the ordinary links.

We’ve got plans for the first one, where hovering over a Scrivener link would print the full path to that item. I can’t speak for the difficulty of custom link styles. I know on the Mac it would be prohibitively difficult to do because the hyperlink system is all rolled into one display class. You’d have to write new hyperlinking code into the text engine to get a new appearance. But that doesn’t say anything for what the hyperlink code is like with the Qt programming kit used for Windows.