Portable Scrivener

I’m wonder if is possible to use Scrivener on a portable USB flash drive and how to configure it.


My advice is just to try it and see what happens. I used to do that with OpenOffice about a 15 years ago when Office 2003 roamed the university computer labs and a 1GB USB drive was considered enormous.

When you install point it at the portable drive, let it install, active and tinker with preferences. Then unplug it and try it on a different machine.

My main concerns has to do with maintaining activation and the location of preferences files. You might have to save the preferences to a file and manually update them every time. If the activation is stored in AppData or ProgramData an uses a machine specific identifier then you’re kind of SoL about activation.

Sadly, because it’s using the Qt framework, I don’t believe it will work that way. Too many paths, DLLs, and registry entries to get Scrivener and the Qt framework components properly registered to run under Windows.

I was also wondering if developers can create a portable version. It’ll help us in many ways. I hope there’ll be a portable version soon… :confused:

Well, at the moment, if you have an iPad there is a portable version, and if you don’t but have an Android device or need to work on another computer that you don’t administer, you can try "Sync with external folder“.

For the rest, you can only hope that when LAP and Tiho_D have got v. 3 out, they may find the time, energy and possibility to code an android version of some kind. But I wouldn’t hold my breath!


Actually, it looks as though their breath wouldn’t need to be held all that long! From the latest blog post by the Windows development team:

“Finally, something that’s not visible to users is that we have the Scrivener for Android backend completely abstracted and built into the Scrivener Windows desktop, so once 3 is out we can focus on the Android interface only as all the heavy lifting on the complex backend has been done and dusted.”
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