Portlander Alert!!!

Jeezzz!!! we`ve even got em in the Guardian now!! :open_mouth:

guardian.co.uk/travel/2007/d … andusa.usa

Yeah, and Beth Ditto is Portland’s coolest resident - official. It says so right there. So in your face, AmberV, Alexwein and the rest of you - you are officially not as cool as the fat activist vegan punk* with the pancake!


  • Her own words; in no way am I to be flamed for being prejudiced against the horizontally-challenged of this world.

oh! oh! La merde has hit the soddin fan now :open_mouth:

Here in America, we call that a waffle.

We do over here too :slight_smile: Capt,n Blount was probably cross-eyed from answering a daft question from someone, after overdosing on cheese puffs.

English pancakes are about the same size as Beth`s waffle, but more like French crepes. But enough of this waffling on.

I think a stiff missive to the editor of the Guardian is called for, indicating dissatisfaction at falling, nay, plummeting standards :open_mouth:

Disgruntled and disappointed of Stockport :imp:

And all this time I thought I was Stumptown’s coolest resident. I’m so disappointed to find out otherwise.

Yes, this is devastating, but easy to remedy. Clearly, we all need to start eating a lot of waffles. Lots. I am going to become a waffle activist.

“Evil beware - we have waffles.”
–Raven (from the animated Teen Titans)

I happen to be extraordinarily good at waffling.

Thai Noon is one of our favorite places to eat and about five minutes (if that) from our house. Enough food to split a meal and the meal costs 6 bucks. No additives, organic products, very yummy. She’s right about the peanut sauce but I prefer the Rama Garden, the curry dishes and the pineapple fried rice! Don’t remotely eat waffles, so she lost me there. She’s definitely not the coolest person in Portland. Though I have to admit, she gets it pretty right about Portland which makes her at least moderately cool.


OK, granted Portland is like any other great city – diverse and rich enough that no single article can come close to capturing every resident’s favorite aspects. And granted that this won’t matter a whit to Alexandria, without whom the city would be poorer. But … how do you write a story about Portland and not even mention BEER?!

We don’t call it Beervana for nuthin’…

. :open_mouth: …this is getting scarier…and scarier…and scarier…and sca…