Positive Feedback

Official convert for all of my creative uses, and that’s just from using the beta version; I love using it, especially having everything so neat and in one place - it’s smooth and ties in beautifully!

I haven’t explored ‘creative-friendly’ processing programs up until recently, and Scrivener was one of the first I found and really fell in love with, just on aesthetic merits.

I love, also, that it will be “more for much less”, or at least in my case it will - I want to purchase my very first Mac in a couple of months (had it up to the ears with Windows) and the price for Mac compatible MS Office makes me want to cry.

I think the only thing I’m noticing, as mentioned in another thread, is the lack of integrated thesaurus - HOWEVER - it probably won’t do me any harm to return to the ol’ bookcase! In saying that, if the geniuses behind Scrivener do integrate a thesaurus option or add-on thing, I will most definitely put my hand/wallet out for it!
As for bugs, no issues as yet, and I’ve been using it solidly for approx. 3-4 hours, fiddling about with all the nifty little things! It started off a little slow, but that could have also been my computer…

Scrivener most definitely will be purchased upon full release here! :smiley:

Hi amyjean,

Thanks for the kind words! Lee’s been working his fingers off getting the program ready for release, so it’s always great to hear positive feedback! Integrating a dictionary and thesaurus is a large task, so while it’s something to look into in the future–the ability to do some kind of plug-in or the like with an existing resource–it’s not going to happen super quickly. There are plenty of great online resources, though, which you can use in the meantime if you have an internet connection, or ones you can download; it’s not integrated, of course (although if you’re not using a bibliography or citation program, you could set up the shortcut in Scrivener for that to open your dictionary/thesaurus program instead, which might save a step) but it’d be about on level with a book on the shelf. I happen to still be a fan of real books, though, so maybe I shouldn’t advocate that… :wink:

If you’re making a switch to Mac, do keep in mind that although Scrivener for Windows is compatibile with the Mac version, they are two separate licenses, so if you’re not going to be using Windows at all in the future you may want to hold off buying until you get your Mac and then get a license for that version instead. If you’ll still have reason to use both systems, then of course get whichever makes the most sense or get one of each if you want all your machines covered.

You might be able to get by with just OpenOffice.org, depending on how much of Office you really need.