Possible bug? Project search results not consistently highlighted in each text

Don’t want to cry wolf here, but something odd is happening today that I don’t think is due to my own mishandling of project search!

Ordinarily, when I search for a given word or phrase, it is then highlighted in yellow in all instances in each text piece.

Today, I went looking for “eclair.” It occurs in my ms as a proper name, L’Eclair. (I wanted to add the special accented e.)

Oddly, in each text piece, “Eclair” was highlighted only sporadically. Sometimes once, and then in other text pieces not at all. I had to use the “Find in Document” tool to find all the instances in each text piece.

I ran some other searches for other known words, and the problem was not replicated.

I wondered if the apostrophe in L’Eclair might have something to do with it. So I made up a test word with an apostrophe in the middle, and searched for the whole test word, and for the letters following the apostrophe. Same problem.

No problem when I search for a term that precedes an apostrophe (isn in isn’t, for ex). And oddly, searching for isn’t (whole word) also works fine, meaning all the results are highlighted.

(Is the spellcheck dictionary involved at all in project search? My problem word and my test words are not recognized dictionary words.)

Any idea what’s going on here?

I’ve been trying to pin down what causes this to happen, and am coming up with varying results. Here’s a question for you: if you try typing in a few examples into a fresh new document in the binder, do you get the same results? Where I did see this happen, I was testing in a project template that I use which comes with a lot of junk text already typed in. I got some pretty weird results in that in fact, such as searching for ‘k’ and having some (but not all) words beginning in ‘k’ entirely highlighted, while other instances of ‘k’ were highlighted individually throughout the text.

So there definitely is something amiss, but I’ve yet to figure out why.

Oh and so spell check, no that should not have anything to do with it—though maybe it might be a drawing issue if you have spell check underlines enabled?