Possible Bugs When Viewing PDFs

Hi there,

I have only just found out about Scrivener and have downloaded BETA 020. I think it is fantastic and i plan on making significant use of it. I have never felt compelled to engage in beta testing for any bit of software before, but i think the program is so well-concieved, intuitive and powerful, that if i could help, i will.

I cannot see any reference to these two initial things i have noticed relating to PDF files that i have added to the research folder.

Thing 1: I have created a sub-folder within RESEARCH and imported a PDF Journal paper. I have noticed that, when i double-click on the document to view it, there are several places where the end of one section of a line of text overlapps the beginning of the next section by about 2-3 characters. The result is that, when viewing the pdf, there are some words that overalap others making it difficult to read. I have tried a couple of files and have seen instances of this in both.

Thing 2: (not so much a bug - i don’t think…) When viewing pdf files (as above), if you change the level of magnification using the drop down menu above the document, it always pulls you back to page 1 of the document. I found that i had zoomed in to look at a chart in paper but when i clicked on it, was pulled back to page 1 and had to re-find the chart within the document again. I suppose it would be better if stayed at the same point in the document when the zoom is altered.

I hope this is of help, and i will sertainly post anything else i come across.

Thank you again for this software and all your efforts.