Possible to Create "Quotes Macro?"

In writing fiction, it’s such a pain to insert quote marks for dialogue. In Word, I used to have a macro that would insert quote marks at the cursor position, then move to the end of the sentence and insert quote marks again. Is that possible in Scrivener?

Scrivener itself does not have a macro language, though there are various system level and third-party tools that can help with that. Automator is one, though in my experience it is extremely limited. AppleScript can also do things with software even if the software doesn’t have a scripting library built for it.

What I use is a tool called Keyboard Maeastro. For myself I consider it an essential part of how I make use of a Mac. A simple little macro that typed in a quote, then issued the ⌃E shortcut to jump to the end of the paragraph and typed in another quote would be a good starter project to learn it with. You’ll find a number of KM users on the board, and we sometimes post our macros.