Possible to have two streams of notes (footnotes and endnotes) with ePub?

The Scrivener manual says that the product supports two note streams, footnotes and endnotes. But when I look at the footnote options within Compile, I see the message that “footnotes become endnotes”. So maybe this feature is not available for all export formats?

If I am compiling to ePub 2 and ePub 3, is there a way to have two streams of notes, one stream appearing as chapter footnotes and the other as book endnotes?

Seeing as how there is no such thing as a footnote in an ePub, no there isn’t a way of doing that, and it would be a bit conceptually messy to conflate this capability with different kinds of endnotes. It might be best to break out separate lists of notes post-compile in an ePub editor.

I’d wonder what utility there would be in this for the reader however. Since notes are usually either presented as popups or as back-and-forth linkages, it really doesn’t matter where they are stored. I can’t think of one occasion where I’ve manually flipped through a chapter on an ebook reader to find the end of the chapter, and then manually flipped back to where I was. I might do that on paper, because that’s all I can do, but I wonder about mapping solutions designed to address limitations that only exist in other mediums.

Than you Amber. I use Scrivener to create endnotes in ePub ebooks, and it works great. Within iBooks or Kindle, the reader can touch the endnote anchor point in the main body of text to jump to the specific endnote, then touch the endnote to jump back to the correct position in the main body text. I assume the Scrivener compile process is building these back-and-forth linkages.

With dual streams of notes (footnotes and endnotes), Scrivener would have to build two sets of back-and-forth linkages, one set for each steam. I’m guessing that would be a messy challenge.