Possible to link to a Scrivener document from outside?

I’m working across Scrivener, Novamind (mind mapping) and Papers. I’d like to be able to link from Novamind to a specific document within Scrivener. Is it possible to get a URL for a specific document within a Scrivener file, in order to link back to that document from ‘outside’.

This would be similar to the way Papers handles this, where a link like “papers2://publication/uuid/4C68624D-1003-4F05-A924-1AFD4CBFB771” can be used as a hyperlink pretty much anywhere within OS X. Omnifocus offers a similar function.

There is nothing like this; should probably make a FAQ answer for it. There is no way to do so given the architecture of the program as currently designed. What you are referring to requires a database style program that manages data stores and has some sort of centralised routing system within it to those stores and the items within them. Scrivener projects are not managed like this, it is more like OmniOutliner, where you can make a bunch of outliner files on your disk, scattered all over the place. Scrivener wouldn’t really know where to find the project, or how to identify it.

Best it could do is print the project path name in the URL, but that would break the moment you change the project’s name or move it.

Thanks for the clear explanation Amber. I thought it might be something like this.