Possible to make top level folders more visually distinctive?

I wonder is there a way to better visually distinguish the top level Folders in the Binder (Draft & Research)? At the moment if I scroll rapidly down the Binder, I often get deep into the Research folder before I realise it, having skimmed past the icon and heading for Research. I do use different icons for these (pencil for draft, filing cabinet for research), but these are quite small and easy to miss. Ditto with the font used - I don’t seem to be able to set a different font for the Folder name (even having Draft and Research in bold would help).

Is there a setting I can tweak for this?

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You could always create labels and assign them colors-- and then assign those to your top-level folders. I do something similar myself, though I don’t go out of my way to distinguish top-level items. For me, it’s about factions (threads). I have a lot of factions in my story and I assign them different colors so I can quickly see what’s where in the binder.

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Will give the label idea a go, thanks @jwhitten

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Some options to distinguish folders…

Although discriminating to Draft and Research isn’t possible (as far as I know), I do use bold––
Scrivener Preferences > Appearance > Binder > Fonts…Use bold font for:

Row spacing for Binder items can be adjusted––
Scrivener Preferences > Appearance > Binder > Options…Row Spacing:

Although subtle but less so (for me anyway) after adjusting Binder row spacing, this might be helpful––
Right-click the desired folder > Show as Binder Separator

Folder titles (including Draft and Research) can be edited partially or completely to include eye-catching symbols and/or emojis––
Scrivener Menu Bar > Edit > Emoji & Symbols


Yes, thank you @anon56864026 this is very useful. A quick combination of Show as Binder Separator and an added emoji (floppy disc) to the Research Folder name means that it’s more easily distinguished now. Thank you!

You can also assign a custom icon to any folder, including the standard three. Be careful with this, though. I’ve helped a few people who managed to make it impossible to identify the “real” Draft folder, which had bad consequences when they tried to Compile. (The Compile command only uses the Draft folder.)

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Noted, thanks Katherine. Adding another icon or two to the Research folder name has really helped with this. Using bold font for all folders in the binder also helps, given the way I have the WIP structured.