possible to search using (excluding) certain labels/status?


I am not sure whether this is a technical question, a “How To” or maybe it is even a feature request. most probably I just did not figure out the right trick here. but as I couldn´t find any hint in the forums, I just post this here:

is there a way to use the label/status attributes to narrow down/specify a search?

–e.g. let´s say I want to look for a keyword but just in “status final” entries, or just in entries which are labeled “text” but not “filler”, or…

thanks for any hints!


PS: would be great to have a shortcut to go the find box at some point in version-time javascript:emoticon(’:)’); now the “project search” short cut bring on another search box in addition to the one in the header pane; … but I would assume most folks already have one there, which in this system is doubled by calling up “strg +crtl + f”… javascript:emoticon(’:wink:’)

You can search only for items containing a certain label by selecting “Label” from the search field menu. However, that will look only for labels of the text entered, it will not allow you to look for keywords or whatever in documents with that label. The project search is really quite rough and ready, but I am afraid it will not be changing any time soon.

As for the “Project Search” box - this does exactly the same as the search field in the toolbar, so you can use the keyboard shortcut for that and use the box that appears in the same way as the one in the toolbar. The reason it is available in two places is that a lot of users choose to hide the toolbar, and project search needs to be available whether or not the toolbar is hidden.

Thanks and all the best,

thanks for prompt reply!

… I see. I guess this one would be helpful at some point though. it seems to me like quite a natural use of what Scrivener (alas!) already has to offer in terms of internal structuring.

– so, I guess this would really make sense at some point, and I would make a wish/proposal out of this question then :slight_smile:

I assumed that. and it makes some sense. though it would of course be nice to be able to hide the second one for “the rest of us” who keep the searchbox. … but this, I admit, is a luxury, nitty-gritty-thing… so I guess I wll just get rid of the searchbox in he toolbar now 8)


The pop-up search box should not even be visible unless you explicitly open it, and then it can be closed when you are done. So you really shouldn’t need to have it open perpetually; or am I not understanding what you mean by having two visible at once?

hello AmberV,

thanks for minding first. the problem of the doublette arises whenever there already is a searchbox in the toolpane (which is the standard setup; and can be manipulated in the “Customize Toolbar” menu).
so unless you do not remove the standard searchbox by customization, and then try to invoke a project search by the preset shortcut “strg + ctrl + f” you end up with two searchboxes (the stale on in the toolbar, and an additional floating one).

as said, this is no big deal as a) you can chose to look out of the window whenever it happens (thinking its negligable; …which it is); or b) you throw out the preset searchbox by re-adjusting the toolbar. then you only invoke a new. floating searchbox. which is fine as well. (and what I am doing)

… so this was a rather cosmetic question of mine in the end; but again, thanks for minding :smiley: