possible to view both Keywords and Notes at same time?

While in the main editor, I like the right-hand side-bar that can show Keywords or Document Notes by clicking the little icons at the bottom. Is there any way to show both Keywords and Notes at the same time?

I know I can minimize the Synopsis and MetaData mini-window-panes; it would be nice if I could see both Keywords and Notes similarly.

You can’t show both keywords and notes in the inspector, but there are other ways you could try viewing the information. If you split the editor, you could load the document’s parent container in the corkboard on one side and choose to display the keywords on the cards; you could also copy the document notes to their own binder document and display that in the split editor. I find this helpful especially for lengthy notes or when I’m working out a scene and continually developing the notes; I call them something really witty like “NOTES: [scene name]”–sometimes more specifically if the notes are on just one aspect of the scene or a backstory I’m whipping upon the side–and then mark them not to be included in compile and file it as a subdocument to the main scene.

I like to keep the Document Notes in the little window attached to the document, because that’s where I make all my notes about re-writes and researching issues in my novel.

It would be nice if within the Inspector panel, we could choose what the different panes would show. For example, I don’t make a lot of use of the General Meta-Data pane, and it would be nice if I could select rather than Meta-Data to have that pane show either Keywords pane or Document Notes pane instead.

I suppose I should post this to the Wishlist board?