"Post-it" Style In-Line Sticky Notes

Something I use all the time writing scripts in Final Draft, and would really love to find in Scrivener (which, by the way, is an amazing program, an organizational tool that fits me even better than all the personalized organization systems I created and refined over the years, something I previously thought impossible) …

Little floating Post-It Notes. Adobe Reader calls them Sticky Notes, Final Draft calls them ScriptNotes.

You add one, it inserts an unobtrusive little icon into the text. Double-click the icon and it opens a text box, which you can edit to your heart’s content. Hover over the icon, and you get a floating preview of the text.

Just a nice, simple way to leave yourself a reminder or add an idea for consideration without interrupting the flow of the main text.

Even an icon that links to a particular note in the Scratch Pad would work.

Awesome, thanks, Scrivener is fantastic, I recommend it to all my writer friends.

Thank you for your kind words! We do have plans for a margin-note style comment and footnote system that will essentially do this; no icon, but as in Word you’ll select some text and then apply a comment which will be linked in the inspector. Clicking the annotated text will reveal the inspector comment; clicking a comment will scroll you to the linked document text. Since the comments are off to the side in the inspector, you can make them as long as you want with no interruption to your text flow. So rest assured, this is in the pipeline!

This is a great idea, and it will be a good use for the program. I like the instert a comment feature in word, so having it in Scrivener would be essential to editing and proofreading.

I think you’ll find that Keith’s design for the “sticky note” is far beyond that of any you’ve used before. It’s a great system because it negates the main problem with inline notes (which is also a feature, in some cases, depending on what you need them for): being unable to see them until you are on the very screen in which they appear. Having all of your notes stacked in a single stacked list on the side, even if they come from other documents (when using Scrivenings mode) is super useful. A note on page 80 is right next to a note on page 5. Inline notes won’t be going anywhere either, since they are very useful for many things.