Practicality in Using Windows Beta

I haven’t been on the forum here in quite a while. Every time I open Scrivener I hope to see the upgrade for Windows 3 ready to install. However after three years and eerie silence from the home front it appears as though I never will see the upgrade.

So, what practicality and safety is there in using the Beta version?

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My collaborator has been using the Betas for two years with no serious problems. It is stable, though there are some bugs and UI glitches to be dealt with.

I’d say just go for it. The beta’s are time-limited, but they’ve never missed releasing a new candidate before the current one expires.



Thank you sir. Nice to stop back in. While I was just now gone for a moment from the forum I was checking out installing a virtual macOS on my Windows 10 PC. I wonder if anyone here has jumped on that concept yet. Not sure which avenue would be less risque - the Beta or the virtual macOS on Win10 PC. Hmm. Any comments?

I’ve been using the beta for a few months now, having bought Scrivener 1.x late last year - no problems.

The only thing I would say is that I’d recommend that before installing/using a new Beta version, make a complete backup of your scrivener project.

I haven’t had anything go missing [yet], but there’s always the risk that it might. Of course, everyone should have a bulletproof backup regime in place anyway, beta versions or not.

Hi, I thought I had answered you when your post appeared, but obviously I didn’t complete the process! :blush:

I think you’d be much better off using the Windows Beta. I’ve had it on my Macs running both under Crossover (WINE with a GUI) and under Virtual Box. No problems with either way of going about it. But, for obvious reasons, I have no experience of trying to run the Mac version under a virtual MacOS on Windows; given the nature of MacOS and its tight integration with Apple hardware, I would think it much more risky. But I suppose you have made your choice by now.

As for the comment by @GFK, I think making an extra backup of your project before installing a new Beta version, that is to believe in not just belt and braces, but belt and 2 pairs of braces. What you really do need to save are your Options and any personal Compile Formats, because if you uninstall the old and install the new, both of those will be reset to defaults. I agree however that everyone should have a robust back-up system for their computer.



I can’t believe I missed this way back when you sent it. Thank you very much for the input. I have yet to do anything. However, I am recently thinking about writing out an outline for everything to do, and to backup, then going for it. Will see how time plays in my favor. :slight_smile: