Predictive Typing

On there is a predictive typing feature. Begin entering a word and the software will begin to complete it for you, then press enter if you think this is the correct. It speeds up my typing no end.

Any chance of this makings its way to Scrivener?

Love the software, don’t know where I would be without it.

Yes, it will be possible to open up the floodgate in terms of auto-completion. You can somewhat do it now by using the Esc key while typing, but there will be an option to suggest words as you type, in the next version. This can be limited by varying degrees, but at the maximum it will use the entire language dictionary for suggestions.

So long as one of the option settings – preferably the default – is [0], I will not object.


This will absolutely be off by default, don’t worry - I hate this sort of thing myself.

Why stopping at a single word? I would be glad if Scrivener could automatically complete my novel. (OK, leave it off by default, if you like, but don’t hide it too much…)


Obviously that’s what I’ve been shooting for, but it turns out I’m not the best person to program the “Finish my book for me” button; all my attempts at the feature result in a blank page and an infinitely spinning beach ball. :slight_smile:

I feel a bit better now, as my attempts to implement something along these lines always result in a core dump of the entire RAM chip into the text editor.

A million years ago when the Mac SE30 was the bomb, my mother decided that she needed to “type a letter”. So she sits down and opened Apple Works and next thing I hear is “I told you these things are ]b]evil[/b]! It is trying to hypnotize me!”

Beach ball on System 6.8. At least is wasn’t 6.6p6.

Maybe there’s a niché on the market for an extra application that does so. A good name would be iWriteYourNovel4U. It would work with any text processor on the Mac (even with Pages), which would enhance its commercial prospects. The minimum would be to type “It was a dark and stormy night”, then press the system-wide key combination shift-ctrl-command-the other command-W (for “write”), and after that, one could go and have a beer while the computer is writing, re-writing and re-writing again. (Another beginning would produce another novel, of course. “Once upon a time” would produce a fairy tale, for example. “He looked at the knife in his chest and knew he was about to die” would most probably produce a thriller. And so on.)


For some reason a computer writing one’s own novel, reminded me of the Postmodern Generator:

(it’s like a Virtual Sokal Hoax!)

Surely you are aware that CFE is merely another productd of the BWG*, the malign inpact of which I sense in the semantic and somatic and scismatic underpinnings of structure, constructure, deconstructure, and critical dialysis in so many of today’s most highly regarded and oft-quoted journals of epistemology, epistemography, and epistolarogy, not to mention epistemolitis.

*Bogus Website Generator

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