Preferences/Editor question

Hi, I was just looking around in Scriverner/preferences/editor pane this morning and cannot see how I can change pixels to cm…my brain doesn’t understand pixels as a size or measurement of size.

Pixels aren’t really a unit of measurement, they are more like “dots” in printing process. The pitch of the dot is often going to be different depending on the printing equipment that is being used. In the same way, nearly every computer display has a different “dot pitch” in that its pixels are larger or smaller, physically speaking, than other displays. On a really old monitor, 72 pixels would span an inch, but on something like a modern iPhone there are more than three hundred pixels packed into every inch-long line.

At any rate, there are certain settings in Scrivener that use pixels, because a static real-world unit of measurement wouldn’t make sense to the software. It’s a bit abstract, but note that you can change a number, tab out of the field, and it will update the software immediately. So you can find a nice look without too much hassle.