Preferences & Metadata

On a mac, the layouts and everything that is set in the “preferences” is saved in the “Scrivener” → “Applications Support” folder.

So if I copy this “Scrivener” folder to the same location on a new Mac before I open the app for the first time, this folder becomes active with all settings.

Metadata such as label, status, keywords are saved in the project. So when I open a backup of this project on a new Mac, everything is there.

Is that correct? Thank you!

Edit: where are the collections?

Yes, in fact we have a system transfer checklist that goes over everything you’d want to do to get your environment copied over. The only file in Application Support I’d be cautious of copying is the file, if you sync a lot. Having the same ID on both computers could reduce the safety net of when a project is accidentally left open on the other machine.

The only thing you don’t have quite right is that Preferences are saved into the .plist file, in ~/Library/Preferences. As the checklist covers, the best way to copy those over is with a backup file though, and those are good to make periodically anyway, if you change a lot. The one exception, come to think of it, are settings presets. Those are stored in Application Support. So if you do use those a lot, they will carry over and be available on the new system.

Everything else is in the project, including Collections.

Thank you @AmberV I keep forgetting that there is this very useful knowledge base. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately I can’t find this .plist file here ~/Library/Preferences. Not even when I search like this: Scrivener.plist. Can you tell me what the exact name is?

And another question about the collections. Unfortunately I can’t copy them from one project to another using drag & drop. Is there another way?

Well like I say, I wouldn’t copy the .plist directly as it contains machine-specific information that would just be clutter on another computer. But .plist files are named by their software identification tag, so for instance, com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3.plist. The Manage button in the preferences window is the more reliable way to transfer settings, as a file.

And another question about the collections. Unfortunately I can’t copy them from one project to another using drag & drop. Is there another way?

No, in most cases there would be no purpose as none of the internal binder IDs could be relied upon to match. Even with search collections, where it would make a bit more sense, these can still have project-specific data like custom metadata fields.

If you’re really looking to create a clone of a project, or a starter that has a lot of basic stuff you always want, that’s what Project Templates are for. And for one-offs, using File ▸ Save As and then wiping out the binder data you don’t want, is a great way of getting everything, everything copied over to a new project.

Understood, thank you.

That’s exactly how I’ve done it so far :slightly_smiling_face:

That article was very helpful, but I did not find a similar step for step for Windows. I took your information and saved it after adjusting for windows computers. Posting a windows version might be helpful for other windows users.

A bit like this one? :wink:

Absolutely, but if put in the knowledge base Installing on additional computers, this is what I saw and hence the question.

Interesting, that looks like a bug in the search engine (we have no control over). I bet it is confused by the two having the same title. You can see it brings up the same Mac article twice, when one of those is probably supposed to be the one in the Windows section.

No problem, perhaps renaming the windows article would help turn it up, but thanks for showing me.