Preferences, saving, loading, etc

So, I saved my preferences again during Beta 17. I loaded them in Beta 18, but my settings for “No Style” were either not saved or not loaded, because it was back to Calibri (which is what it uses for some reason instead of Segoe UI. I usually set “No style” to Deja Vu Serif, so this was… different).

It did correctly load the other fonts, but not “No Style.”

I don’t think that “no style” is meant to be saved with a specific style. This is why it is called “no style” :wink:

I don’t think that’s correct. I may be wrong, but I believe that “no style” is what most programs would call the “default” style – so it should be the combination of font, alignment, etc. that is set in the editor preferences window in Scrivener (which, rather confusingly imho, is completely separate from the Styles menu).

My understanding is that “no style” isn’t a style, but an absence of one, and therefore, you can’t set “no style” to have particular attributes. I base my understanding of this aspect of Scrivener not only on the basis of conversations, but also because if you select text that has “no style”, change the font face and/or size, select that text, and then go to Format->Style->Redefine Style From Selection, you won’t find “No Style” in the list of styles that you can re-define.

Instead, new documents inherit the font and paragraph settings from how you set things up in File->Options->Editing->Formatting or Project->Project Settings->Formatting for a given project if you want it to differ from the global settings.

I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen when you paste in text using “Paste and Match Style” into a paragraph that has “No Style” and/or what’s supposed to happen when you apply a style that includes a font face and then remove that assignment of the style, returning it to not having a style (aka: “No Style”). I figure that manipulating text in this way does probably complicate these questions though.

So, I’d suggest you explain how it is that you think you set “No Style” to a particular font, and now that you’ve upgraded, what is it that’s showing you that this “setting” is gone? For instance, did your entire project change all unstyled text (aka: No Style) to Calibri, or is this just for text in new documents you’ve created?

If you edit a document that was in your preferred font before the upgrade, is that font still set to the “No Style” text, or was it changed?

If you add text to that document, does the new text follow that font setting, or does it appear to have been reset?

Also, after re-loading your preferences/settings, did it preserve what you had set in the Formatting sections of settings (see the menu paths above)?

It is correct. “No style” literally does not store any style information with the associated text. Note that style information is not the same as formatting information.

As RDale pointed out, there are two places where “default” format settings are stored – one for Scrivener globally, the other a per-project setting – but there is no automatic mechanism to take existing text and apply those “default” formats. You can manually select un-styled text blocks and apply the default format, though – but it won’t be automatic, so if you transfer a project from one Scrivener instance to another, what happens to unstyled text is subject to things like “does the font in the text exist on the new machine?” and other such variables,

Let me be more clear. Obviously, some have misunderstood what I am trying to convey.

I edited the default formatting in Options -> Editing -> Formatting in Beta 16. I saved my preferences. After installing Beta 17, I expected this preference – the default “style” (which it calls itself) or text format for new documents – to have been saved in preferences. I am not talking about STYLES. I am talking about THAT MENU ITEM and formatting preference.

Either that option was not saved, or it was not loaded.

Now, I think this is a bug. That preference should be saved. Has been with other version changes since they introduced Saving and Loading Options. I load the file, Apply the changes, and the formatting changes to my chosen default. Not this time.

So I think it’s a bug.

How did you upgrade from Beta 16 to Beta 17?

My experience has been that if I uninstall the last beta manually, then install the new beta, my settings and such get removed and I have to set them all up again. However, if I let Scrivener download and update the new beta, I keep my settings.

I haven’t used Save/Load Options, as I don’t have any guarantee that it will keep everything between betas.

I uninstall previous version and download the new version in a new folder - scrivener b18 - for the last one. Then rename the desktop icon as b18 as well. Before uninstalling the previous version, I do:

File / options / Manage / Save to a file. - I save to my root scrivener projects file.

On opening the new version I repeat the process but with Load from a file.

I get everything that was set in the options menu. So for me that is default fonts, including no style for new documents, background for binder, documents, notes etc. I also get my spelling dictionary, but that is from elsewhere.

The only thing I notice that I don’t get is the most recently used files, since I’ve never used anything with this program, which is a minor issue. Not sure it is avoidable.

Hi rwfranz,

Does this only occur for you when upgrading to a new version? Are you able to correctly save and load your preferences otherwise?

How did you upgrade to the latest version? Was it through the internal process or did you uninstall v17 download v18 and then install it manually?

Also, do you still have a copy of the .prefs file? Could you send that to with a link to this thread?

Thank you for your help with this.

This was the only time it has happened. Usually, immediately after an upgrade, I load my old .prefs file and apply.

Yes. Or, usually. Once they’re set, I generally don’t change them.

Manual uninstall and reinstall. The internal process has consistently led to poor quality results.

I have a copy dated Jun 8, 2019, 11 days before I noticed the issue. There seems to be no information in the file as to which Scrivener version wrote it (which I think would be helpful for debugging). And sent.


I am still confused about this. As it’s slightly different to the topic being discussed here, I posted a problem with the default font formatting elsewhere [url][Beta 18] Font problem with iOS version (Bug?)], which explains why I think this doesn’t make sense.