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I’m a novelist and decided to try Scrivener 3 for my WIP. I brought in a first draft from Word and have rewritten the manuscript a couple of times now and the research, notes, and flexibility have been amazing. I love it.

Compile is a bit more challenging, obviously. In this project I use a lot of computer-style fonts, as there are text message exchanges, IM messages, phone alerts, manuscript pages, etc. that appear throughout the novel. I’ve figured out how to handle these by using the “preserve formatting” function, or mostly figure it out. My plan is to compile to Word and use that to fine-tune the manuscript for eventual submission to my agent, and also to build a PDF document that can be opened on an iPad for beta readers (so it looks more like a book).

The challenge I can’t resolve is formatting in footnotes. There are three different voices in the footnotes (think of House of Leaves), and I want to use different fonts. However, I can’t see any way to preserve formatting in footnotes. And I don’t want to use inline footnotes. These need to live at the bottom of pages.

Is there any way to preserve the various fonts or will I need to manually make those edits in Word?

Thank you!
-Richard Cox

To preserve formatting in footnotes (and in the body text, for that matter), use Compile settings that preserve the Editor formatting. The easiest way to do this is probably to use the Default Compile Format.

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Thank you. Honestly, I tried that first but I couldn’t figure out how to compile As Is. I’m sure it’s an easy thing I’ve missed. Can you point me in the right direction, by chance?

The Default format already compiles As-Is, so you don’t need to change anything. Just assign appropriate Section Layouts and you’re done.

You can facilitate the transition to Word by assigning Styles to the various unique formats you’re using. The Compile command should pass them through as-is, and then you can use Word’s tools to tweak the formatting as needed.

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Do you have the override box checked?

I see no way to apply styles in a footnote. If I copy/paste from Editor to a footnote, italics survive, but styles do not.

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Sorry, I changed topics in mid-note. I was thinking of applying Styles to the various unique formats in the text. You’d need to use inline notes to assign Styles to footnotes. (Also, I’m not sure how Word would handle it even if you could assign Scrivener Styles, since Word has a single manuscript-wide footnote style. Which for most applications is exactly what you want.)

What you might try is to use different fonts for the different footnotes. You would have to manually change the font each time. This should preserve when you compile it. I have to go out so don’t have time to try this. But in the past I did use a different font for my footnotes than for body text and it was preserved after I compiled the document.

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Different fonts in different footnotes will not survive compile, unless each of them is conveyed as a style. (And even if they are, see below.)

Yes, by overriding the font in Compile at the Footnotes & Comments pane.

Unfortunately, the font override takes effect after styles are applied, so you have to make a choice.

So it turns out that compiling using Default preserves the various fonts used in footnotes! So thank you for that suggestion. I couldn’t figure out how to compile “as-is” and I figured it was something obvious I was missing.

Now I just need to learn how to adjust other items like naming section titles, etc. Thank you, everyone!

I found that it doesn’t, but I was talking about an inline footnote.

I was talking about regular footnotes.