Preserve Formatting does not carry into .mobi output

I am compiling a novel for both Word (Create Space) and .mobi (and hope to go on to .epub). I have text messages in the ms that I have rendered in sans serif type and used ‘Preserve Formatting’ to differentiate such items from the normal TNR serif output. Works fine in Word, but the .mobi compile, when read into Kindle Previewer, loses the formatting, instead rendering everything into serif type.

Anyone know a solution. I asked L&L support this question a week and half ago, and they have not replied.

Ebook devices/apps allow the reader to choose the font they prefer so I don’t think saving it “as is” has any meaning in .mobi format.

Indeed, fonts are not embedded in ebook formats, so the font used will be whatever the reader has set for the e-reader. (Ebooks can embed fonts, but to do so the publisher of the ebook must own the necessary licence for the fonts - so you cannot just embed a font you have on your computer, but would need to pay potentially thousands of pounds for a licence.)

That said, most e-readers to support a difference between true-type and monotype fonts, so what you could do is uses a monotype font such as Courier instead of a sans serif font to mark the text out as looking different.

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