Preserve paragraph formating only

This is driving me nuts. I’m using “Override text and note formatting” in the compiler so I have to preserve some formatting while I’m writing (especially: titles and block quotes).

Since the whole point of handing over control of formatting to the compiler is to be able to easily change, for example, the font in which the text is typeset, I it would make sense if I could specify which aspects of the formatting in the editor I want to preserve. I particular, in the case of titles and block quotes, it is obvious that these should not have their font preserved (but take on whatever the setting in the compiler is. What is important to preserve, however, is the font size and the intentation (in the case of block quotes).

After fiddling with that for I don’t know how long, I am starting to suspect that this is simply not possible with scrivener. Is that correct?

If my suspicion is correct, I’d be extremely disappointed :frowning: because it would mean that I am forced to do all (or most) of my formatting in the editor although the main reason I bought scrivener was that it allows me to use Courier for a plain text feel while writing while still being able to produce a manuscript in Times New Roman. Please tell me this is not true.