Preserving Code Block Colors from Ulysses to Scrivener on iPad and Mac

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been using Scrivener on both iPad and Mac (latest updates) for my writing projects, and I’ve developed a workflow that involves compiling work in Ulysses and then exporting each part into Scrivener. For my technical writing, I frequently use code blocks in Ulysses, which are beautifully colored thanks to Ulysses’ Markdown features.

When I export these documents as DOCX and import them into Scrivener, the code block colors are preserved, which is fantastic. However, when using RTF format, the colors don’t carry over. I’ve been trying to find a way to style code blocks with colors directly in Scrivener, especially on the iPad version, but so far, I haven’t found any options to do so.

Does anyone know if Scrivener for iPad and Mac supports styling for code blocks that include color preservation or any way to customize the appearance of code blocks within Scrivener itself? My goal is to maintain the visual distinction of code blocks that I’ve set up in Ulysses after importing them into Scrivener, ideally without being limited to DOCX format for imports.

Any tips, plugins, or workarounds that could help achieve this would be greatly appreciated. I’m open to creative solutions or hearing about how others might have tackled similar issues.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights!