Preset paragraph format - text flow

I should like to be able to determine the preset of the paragraph that follows the one I am typing. In other word processors I use automatic alternation with no more than the enter key between Paragraphs “Q” and Paragraphs “A” to have dialogs with myself, get to know characters, have them talk to each other, and so forth.

See what I mean?

[b]Yes, I do. I think it could be useful.[/b]

Alas, I couldn’t find a way to do it in Scrivener…

Why don’t you post in the Wish List forum?

That’s a good idea. Give me a minute.


You could use script formatting for this. Just go to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings and set up a script format with two elements - “Question” and “Answer” - and set them up with the format you want. Then just switch into script mode (cmd-8) whenever you want to use this format.

Although the “Script Settings” are used out-of-the-box for scriptwriting formats, they do exactly what you want.

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Here is an example script mode based on your text above. It uses italics for the query and bold for the answer, and also includes a “Comment” type which insets the text an inch and sets the colour to grey. To use it, you’ll need to double-click on it in the Finder first, to decompress it from the .zip file. Then load up the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings... palette, and use the Manage... drop-down menu at the bottom to “Load from file…”, and choose the Interview.xml file.

To save this for future use in other projects, use the same drop-down menu to “Save for use in other projects”. This will add it to the Format/Scriptwriting sub-menu so you can select it for future projects easily—but you’ll probably want to save that step for after you’ve tweaked it to your liking. (1.19 KB)