Preset Styles versus Compile

My System: Win 10 64-bit, Scrivener I’m using the Novel format template (if that’s relevant).

My problem: One character in my novel uses a device to gesture/write what he wants to say. My writing group agrees it should be different than the “regular” dialogue, but no one likes the use of Italics (with quotes). I thought I’d try changing the font for this character’s “speech”. In the actual text, I did that by creating a Preset Style. But, when I Compile, there’s no option (that I can find!) for formatting the preset styles.

Is this just not possible without manually “fixing” it in the compiled Docx/Open Document file?



I’m afraid you won’t like the answer much, but you’ll have to go right through your text and mark all his/her dialogue contribution with “Preserve format”. Because those presets are more like a “format painter” than real styles, changing one won’t change all the others.

I think you’ll find the command under the Format menu, but I’m not sure as I’m a Mac user and it’s several years since i used v. 2 on the Mac.


sigh You’re right. I don’t like that answer much at all.

Thanks for stopping to answer.