presets for paragraphs

It would be nice, if the paragraph presets I defined on my desktop computer, would stay with the text, when I open it on my notebook.
The situation now (Scrivener 2.05) is a bit annoying. :frowning:

You can find your styles saved to a file named ‘Styles.plist’, in your Application Support/Scrivener folder. Just copy that file over to your notebook into the same place, and the next time you start up Scrivener they should all be there.

Thank you! :smiley:
However, there should be an easier way.
When I’m working with Pages e.g. I need not to copy files to preserve my formatting.


You don’t need to copy files to preserve your formatting. Presets don’t work that way. They merely apply a “macro” which, once set, will forever persist in your document (presuming you have all of the right fonts installed everywhere). If you change the preset, for instance, it won’t modify the stuff you’ve used it on. It’s a bit like a format brush.