Pressing "down" when on the last line of text

On the Mac version, pressing “down” on the last line of text moves the cursor to the end of that line. In the Windows version, it does nothing. Is this a limitation of the frameworks used in the Windows versions? Is this intentional? Any chances of the Windows version getting the same behavior as the Mac version?

That’s just one of those old differences between Macs and PCs, it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to try and copy it here. The Mac considered Up and Down arrows to be synonymous with Home and End (from PC usage, where these buttons move the cursor to the beginning or end of the line, rather than the whole document), in any text context where Up/Down wouldn’t otherwise move the cursor—such as the end of a document, as well as single-line text entry fields such as Binder titles, search fields and so on.

Ah, that’s a bummer, then. I know some Windows do it the Mac (proper) way, which is what got me thinking about this.

Ctrl-End will bring you all the way to the end of the document and put the cursor at the end of the last paragraph.