Pressing 'Enter' in text editor reverts style to none?

I just updated to Version: Beta (1129554) 64-bit, and I seem to be having an issue with styles.

If I change the Style of my text in the text editor, and then continue writing in the editor or even in composition mode, upon pressing Enter to start a new paragraph, the new line will type in the default Scrivener style (None) and not in the style I have set for the text document. The previously styled text above that line remains in the style preset I set it to. I have tried selecting all and changing the style again, I have tried selecting nothing and changing the style through the top left style dropdown menu, and I have tried pressing Enter a bit to make new empty paragraphs below where I am actually typing and changing it all to my desired style preset. I use a couple style presets so I don’t want to change my default.

I can’t remember this happening before as I have been using the Beta for maybe under a month. This started on v2.9.9.12, but I have just updated to the newest version and nothing changed. I also tried simply closing Scrivener and reopening, and tried opening a different project to see if the same thing happened, and I did end up having the same issue.

Thanks for reading, let me know if there’s anything more I can do! :slight_smile: I appreciate any help. I’ll attach a basic screenshot just in case it helps clarify what’s happening.

Each style has a property which defines the new line formatting upon pressing Enter. Most likely your style is configured to not continue upon pressing Enter. Check the Redefine Style menu and adjust the style behavior as it suits you.

Ah, thank you! Ashamed to say I hadn’t noticed that! It’s working just fine now, thanks!

Scrivener for Windows 3 HiDPI RC14
Version Beta (1155038) 64-bit - 30 Dec 2020

I’ve just noticed the behavior for the first time, so I went to the Redefine Style menu, and cannot find anything in the dialog that tells the style to continue.

Under Formatting, I have selected Save all formatting (the only other choice, Save paragraph style, I assumed was included in the definition of “all formatting”; yes, yes, I know what they say about assuming, but was I incorrect?)

I cannot believe I was incorrect, for—if that was the case—how is one to save both paragraph and font styles?


Section 15.6.3 of the manual explicitly answers these questions and more about how styles are defined and how paragraph, character, and paragraph + character styles interact. Just hit F1 to open the latest version of the manual (right now as of RC13/RC14 the cover sheet for the manual incorrectly says it’s the MacOS version, but the rest of the contents apply to the Windows version.)

I’m going to have to read that part of the manual again. It is where I went first when looking for an answer for this (I’m a big RTFM fan), but I guess when I got to the part about Next Style I dismissed that as immaterial as I’ve never been clear about what the heck that was about (mayhaps I shouldn’t have been so dismissive, so quickly then, no?)

EDIT: Yep, just took a look and yes, I was way to quick to dismiss this. This should make all right with the world now!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, at any rate.

You bet!