Preventing a Crash

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Scrivener, no matter if it’s a Windows Beta or the new Mac edition, does not like to get going upon opening. I can almost bet with 100% accuracy that it’s going to hang up and I’ll get a message that says “Scrivener not responding” when opening the program. Then, go through a couple of iterations of opening and closing the darned thing until it does work.

I found a solution. Don’t have it open (or even list) the last projects you worked on. Get into Preferences and tell it to open from the Start screen only and do not have it open your last project. SImple, I know, yet it works and is saving me a ton of frustration. Hint: If you can’t remember exactly where you left off, and it may be awhile until you return to your work, keep a small notebook going, writing down where you left to return to. A pencil and a paper beat a program(s) that won’t open every time.

Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget your “old school” tricks when you need them.

The Bard.

(Mod: Since I use the Mac version too, I’m going to post this on that side of the forums also).

I’ve had the beta running for about six months on three different Windows 10 PCs. I always have it set to open the last project, and I sometimes open a project by right-clicking on the Scrivener icon and selecting a recent project. I’ve never encountered the problem reported here on any of the 3 PCs. Wondering if you’ve tried it on more than one Windows computer, as it might be something unique to your configuration. Also wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

The only times I have had this problem I had something wrong with the project it was trying to auto-open.

I have also not seen this, with various different versions of the beta on a couple of different PCs. I would also suspect a corrupt project, or something unusual in it’s file structure.

This sounds like a corrupt project file, or perhaps a corrupted template. There have been issues with conversions from documents created using templates from prior versions of Scrivener.

You may be able to correct this behavior.

Create a new project in the new version of Scrivener.
Open the template file in the new version.
Select all the contents of the Binder.
Drag them into the new project.
Move them around until satisfied.
Save as a template labeled for the new version.

Create a new project using the new template.
Open the project file that’s causing issues.
Select all the contents of the Binder.
Drag them into the new project.
Move everything to the right location in the new project.
Save as a new project, labeled for the new version.

This has worked to correct issues related to converted templates and projects.
And for corrupted projects, this should also work.

SAme with what others said. I’m usually using WINE, and if there’s a bug, I get whacked with it. I’ve never encountered this one before.

Have you checked your hard drive? Is your RAM OK? Something sounds corrupted, whether project file, failing hard drive, or RAM that isn’t quite right. I’d check the project file first (by pasting it into a new document, like suggested), then check your RAM out.