Preventing Page Breaks Within No-Style Paragraphs

I’m trying to prevent page breaks from happening in the middle of paragraphs in my compiled PDF document. (Using Scrivener v3 on Windows.) My main paragraph font is “No Style”. I did a search on this and found the “Keep with Next” option.

I did a Select All on my current Text chapter and applied the Format => Paragraph => Keep with Next selection, thinking that would force the Keep with Next into all my “No Style” paragraphs. But that didn’t take.

It seems that the Keep with Style option is an on off switch. So maybe it is not meant to be included as a style property.


Maybe there is something else besides the Keep with Next option that I have yet to discover.

Oh. The Page View image seems to be a quick way to check whether or not paragraphs are being broken up.

Hmmm, let’s assume this would be an option. So basically all paragraphs are glued together. (Or, as the manual puts it: “…formatting on the current paragraph that will attempt to keep it glued with the next paragraph, so that they will not become separated by a naturally occurring page break”). This attempt is bound to fail, since there have to be page breaks somewhere after all. And they likely end up not where you want them. May I ask what you try to achieve this way?

What I’m trying to say is: It’s a special case (“keep those together”). If the majority of the text (“no style”) is a special case, it makes no sense.

I don’t believe it is in any way intended to be saved within a style per se. (And it actually doesn’t, unless I am mistaken.)

For the rest, @November_Sierra is right, if you put it everywhere across a whole document, it won’t work. It just can’t.

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That part should be happening, and it makes sense with its intended usage. For example, we would often want such a behaviour on a heading, so that it doesn’t end up at the bottom of a page all by itself, instead we would want it moved to the next page with the following paragraph. Another good example is an image followed by a caption. Either of these intended uses gel nicely with the concept of using styles, so that such decisions can be made at a high level rather than hundreds of times, over and over.

It happens a quite often. I don’t want the last line or two of a paragraph to end up at the top of a new page. If the entire paragraph can’t fit on the page in its entirety, don’t break it up, just start the next page with that paragraph.

That is avoid widows and orphans. Not available yet for the Windows version.
It is set in the compile format (I think) if you are on a Mac.

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Automatically applying it to all body paragraphs, be it as part of “no style” (which shouldn’t be possible?) or via a “body style” (bad practice) is not intended usage, right?

Not unless you set the paper height to 800m. But then, we’re kind of past the point.


Okay. That’s clear cut. Thanks for letting me know!

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So this leaves three options:

  1. Wait for the Scrivener Windows version to get the feature.
  2. Don’t let the Compiler handle orphans / widows. *
  3. Get a Mac. I know.

EDIT: * Which it doesn’t in this case, what I mean is Compile to a different format (e.g. Word) and export from there to PDF etc. Just as an example.

LibreOffice is a good post compile solution for that :

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And it does. I just checked. My bad.

Looks like it’s already in the Wish List forum Category.

As I said, it is already part of the Mac version.
And as always, it would be completely pointless to wishlist some Mac version’s features to be implemented in the Windows version.
If it is available in the Mac’s, it’ll end up in the Windows’ one day (or year) or another, if technically achievable.

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