Preview View Mode while writing?

Is there some way to tell scrivener to display placeholders not as markup but as they will appear as compiled? Be nice to be able to hold down say the command key and space bar to see how the currently edited document will look with placeholders rendered as they would be in compile.

Thanks, Randall Lee Reetz

No, because to do so it would have to essentially compile the document to figure out what the value of the placeholders would be…

Yep. And? That is what preview modes in all applications do. See “Print Preview”. But there is a difference between say page numbers which require a compile of the entire project to rectify, and Author Name or Project Title which do not.

Scrivener doesn’t know which output format you are compiling to till you tell it through the compilation process, so page numbers, headers etc will always be available from the compile dialogue only, just as Ulysses won’t show you them unless you choose a preview format.

However, you can tell what the Author Name, Project Title and other metadata will be without actually compiling by clicking on the second of the row of icons (looks like a luggage ticket) above the rightmost panel in the compilation dialogue. The metadata available depends on which format, but the ones in the screenshot are common to most, I think.