Previewing a post in Marked

Is there a way I can view a Markdown-formatted individual post.

I tend to use Marked for this. I can see the output rendered in Markdown if I drag the whole file from where it is saved (Dropbox as it happens) on to Marked.

I was wondering if there is a way I can preview an individual entry in Marked – or in any other way?

How about a clipboard preview with Marked 2 ?

Exactly what I wanted to ask, now that I have marked 2 and multimarkdown composer.

It is so great to be able to read ones stuff with different themes. Best editing I’ve ever had. Right now I copy&paste text from scrivener into mmd composer and check it in the mmd composer preview AND in mark2. I do all the editing in the composer and when I think it’s ok, I copy&paste it back to scrivener.

Not the best way of doing things, hence why I would love to have ‘open into’ in scrivener. So I could save all the copy&paste. Opening in Marked 2 directly isn’t so great for me, as I have some notes (stuffy for my blog) outside the drafts folder and marked 2 only lists the notes inside the drafts folder.

There is a service in the Marked bonus pack to preview selection with Marked … nd-bundles

Alternatively you could use keyboard maestro to copy and transfer to Marked 2 clipboard preview.

Thanks, but as I read this was only needed for the old Marked versions. It has been incorporated now. But only works for notes inside the drafts folder, not outside.

I could give Maestro a try though. Didn’t think of that, silly me… Having it incorporated inside Scriv would be great though. RMB on a note or folder and a ‘view in Marked’, bang! Editing in Scriv would then update the view, too. Perfect workflow IMHO.

The issue I think with incorporating a direct link with Marked/MMC is the format of the file. I believe that Scrivener keeps the files as RTF, but Marked/MMC need markdown/text files. However, if you were working on a set of files synced externally and point Marked/MMC to the synced files, you could view and edit the files with Marked/MMC.

Now that what would be one kind of a workflow :slight_smile: Maybe this would even be an option when doing the final edit?

Btw, I read that Marked does all the converting from rtf to txt automatically in a cache. But the best and easiest way would be to beg Keith for implementing a little new Marked export feature :wink:
Or ask the author of Marked if he could refine his scrivx import to let the user define the folder to view.

Unfortunately, Marked 2 does not process RTF files:

Untitled 2.jpg

I did try using keyboard maestro and clipboard preview - it worked well.

But, a live preview would be nice.

Yeah! I got it. And it’s not bad at all. Live Preview and so on.

  1. In this version of Marked2 all text you want to preview definitely has to be inside the drafts folder. In a future version this may change.
  2. Then, in Scrivener, you set the option ‘include in compile’ for the nodes/folders you want to view in Marked2.
    How you do this is entirely up to you. Either you set the option in the outliner (I did this for the main folders inside the drafts folder) or/and in the compile options, where you can also set the parts you want to compile. If you set them in the compiler, you can simply select/deselect all with the alt-key.
    You can cancel and get out of the compiler window.
    Marked2 will only import the text with the option ‘include to compile’ on.
  3. In Marked2 you then open the scrivx file and voila, live editing with only the files you wanted.

Normally scrivener saves every two seconds of no action, so that will approximately be the time the update will take. You can change the time. Maybe you should pause dropbox sync then.

It doesn’t matter where you edit, as Marked2 will show a small red line on the left border of the window where you edited something.

This works pretty nice. I only wish I had a very large screen to keep Scrivener and Marked2 next to each other :slight_smile:

Have a happy new year!

I’d overlooked the ‘Clipboard preview’ in Marked – that works well for me for short takes.

Agreed, it would be great if Keith could see his way to including a ‘Preview in Marked’ option within Scrivener, especially for those of us who write for online publication.

Phillipp nice find. I gave it a try using compile and opening the file in marked 2 - worked well.

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been using the “Preview Selection in Marked” and “Preview Clipboard” options to view manageable chunks of a project because I couldn’t figure out how to view only the document I was working on. Now I know!

Danke, Philipp!

Bitteschön, immer gerne :slight_smile:

AmberV has also some more nifty shortcuts to help and maybe maybe maybe, Keith will implement a new command to even more enhance the workflow.

Philipp wrote:

I set the compile options, compiled and sent to Dropbox – opened a preview in Marked 2. But I couldn’t get it to update. The only way seemed to be to compile again.

Can get by with ‘Preview from clipboard’. But a live preview would be nice.

I’m not clear from your post what you are opening with Marked2 as you mention compiling.

I may have misunderstood you, but the compile options are just used as a quick way to set the ‘include in compile’. Once that’s done you work with the Scrivener project in Marked2.

Right what MrGruff said: You simply set the notes you want imported into Marked2 inside the compile settings. That’s all, you don’t have to compile, simply click cancel.
In Marked2 you open the scriver project. That’s all.
You have to make sure though, that the notes are inside the drafts folder.